Rodin tin foil sculptures

Kaely made twin sculptures of her and her mom appearing as two lovely angels.

Marcos had a cool idea for making a sculpture. I liked how he made this one stand up.

Gracen had a nice design for his too. It almost looks like a tree with branches.

Santi had a really original idea. He made a rocket, and even used clay to make it look like the rocket was blasting off.

Derek had a really great idea. He decided to make a butterfly. I think this design works rather well for tin foil sculpture.

More final projects and some Pointillist art

Santi made Strawberry Jelly for his final project. I'll bet the Ingalls family would have enjoyed trying some of this stuff back there in the Big Woods. He also posted a video of his cooking process, which you can see on Google Classroom. 

For Derek's final project, he really did something that would have been useful if he were living in the 1800's. He made a planter box so that he could start a garden! He used real tools and wood. I'm sure he will have a successful garden with a beautiful box like this. 

Here is what Marcos came up with for the Pointillism painting. Sometimes when you use pointillist techniques and dab a paper with watercolor, it can come out as one solid picture.

Isaiah did an amazing job on his final project. He sewed a sock puppet and it looks really professionally done. I could imagine seeing this for sale in a toy store.

Isaiah also made a nice self-portrait of himself for the autobiography project. We all know what a good soccer player Isaiah is f…

Great work on the Little House final projects and the biography assignments

We have some beautiful student work this week coming from our Little House in the Big Woods and our Biography assignments. First up, everyone should check out Kyla's video, which is on Google Classroom, posted May 8th. I couldn't upload it to the blog, but I think everyone should watch it because she shows us how she made tie-dye clothes for her project. 
Kaely made a doll, just like Laura and her sister did in Little House in the Big Woods. I wonder if girls in the 1800s could have imagined hair this awesome and imaginative! 

One of the parts to the Biography assignment required students to make portraits of the people who they wrote about. Paris chose a very interesting historical figure, Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt, who lived over 2000 years ago!

Here you can see Derek hard at work for his final project. He chose to make a planter box, which I'm sure would have been a very useful thing for the family to have in the Big Woods. I hope Derek will tell us all about his pro…

Final Do-It-Yourself Project and One More Diorama

Paris made lip balm for her final project. I wonder if the people in Little House in the Big Woods ever used this recipe when their lips got chapped. Paris also received extra credit on the assignment by making a video.

Here is Miguel's diorama. He had a good idea to use Legos to show a scene from the book. Building settings with Legos is not easy. I am impressed with the scene that Miguel was able to create. 

More Amazing Dioramas

Tessa did a great job of creating several different structures for her Little House using popsicle sticks. I also liked how she included a wagon.

Isaiah had a good idea of using his own building blocks and toys to make the Little House and to show the characters from the book and the animals. 

I really liked the way that Tiana G. made her diorama using some of the toys and other materials she had available at her house. Look at little Baby Carrie as Wonderwoman!

Little House Dioramas

Paris did a great job here of creating a nice room for the family, with a popsicle stick wall, which even has a door in it, to separate off the stable where the animals live.

We all know that Marcos is an excellent artist, and is able to draw things in a very lifelike way. He used his artistic skills to draw figures of some of the characters in the book.

Derek's diorama is very colorful. He and his mom had a great idea to look online for stuff that they could use, and look what they found! Some ready-made cut-out figures of the characters from the book.

Santi's diorama is super-impressive. Check out how he used popsicle sticks to design the furniture, like the bed and the chair. He also included a fireplace and a stable for the animals. His Little House even has a set of stairs!

Kaely chose to make her diorama to show the scene where the children make "snow pictures." Here is what she said: "I picked this scene because I think it is fun and exciting and full of adv…

Works by Derek and Isaiah

Here is Derek's comic strip for Little House in the Big Woods. I liked how he labeled all the stuff in the family's house.

This is a very nice picture Isaiah made. We have so many good artists in our class. 

I know we've posted this one before, but I took another look at this drawing that Derek did from awhile back, and it's really creative!