Planets Projects

We saw some amazing effort in the past week from TISA's 3rd grade students when it came to creating interesting, artful dioramas and posters of the Solar System. Many people went above and beyond the requirements for the assignment, showing both their excellent research and creative skills. Cedar












More incredible work from 3rd grade

The 3rd grade read a book about the American Flag over the last week. They went on to look at flags from around the world, and even design one of their own! Take a look at this nice flag by AJ. And there is another one by Seth. I wonder what country that flag is from!

As we study the Solar System, students have begun making posters and dioramas showing the planets. Here is a really good poster by Cora. She did a nice job of using vibrant colors for all the planets and showing their relative sizes.

Look at these pictures of the sundial that Jack made. You can clearly see that the shadow of the straw has moved after 15 minutes. Cora designed sundial nicely with some beautiful colors and stickers. Seth also used a colorful design to make his sundial. Emma made up a nice design for her clock too. You can see how Destiny took her photo at a time when the shadow was very long. Oliver and Ira also came up with some nice examples of sundials. 

The 3rd grade went on a virtual field trip last week…

Week 7 3rd grade work

As we prepare for elections in the next couple months, the 3rd grade students researched and created posters about some of our country's greatest presidents. Check out these patriotic posters by Lillyanna, Destiny, Cedar, Emma and Oliver

While many of us are stuck at home right now, that doesn't mean we can't do cool science activities with stuff we have in our house. Take a look at how Emma and Jossen approached last week's science experiment using some basic craft items. 

Our reading of Love That Dog has inspired some of the TISA 3rd graders to write some excellent poetry of their own. Here is how Emma and Seth wrote poems about animals. 

The 3rd graders are still keeping up with their book reports. One person who really loves books and has some interesting reading tastes is Cedar. Look at this book report that he did on an alien story. 

Science, poetry, and some Math work

Take a look at Emma's Science project from last week:

Destiny also did a nice job on the Science. Her project clearly shows which jar contains hot water and which one contains cold. 

 If anyone wants to see how to record their Science work properly in their notebooks, take a look at how Jossen and Cora did it: