Trout Release and Hiking Field Trip

It was sad to have to say goodbye to our trout last week, but we think they are better off in their natural habitat. And speaking of habitats, our class was fortunate enough to go with Rivers and Birds to the Columbine-Hondo trail in Red River, where we learned the basics about enjoying wilderness areas responsibly.  Before releasing the trout, our class shared what they had learned with the Kindergarten.  Habitats. A trout's diet. Stages of life of trout. The Nitrogen Cycle. Getting them out of the tank wasn't as easy as we had anticipated.  Hanging out by the fishing pond.  Getting ready to throw out handfuls of food to big, hungry trout.  Getting our feet wet for the actual release.  Lucky catch! Nothing like eating an Italian ice while watching someone else fish.  Ms. Darcy's Italian ices might have been the highlight of the whole trip.  An idyllic setting at the Red River Hatchery. Going over the rules for the trail with Ms. Rebecca.  Stopping for a water break. Explor

Acequia field trip and US State projects

The 3rd grade worked very hard on their US State poster projects. The students created some awesome artwork, and did a great job standing up in front of the class presenting. We also had a field trip recently to the Taos acequia system. The class had a fantastically fun time watching the water flow through the ditches.  The moment when we opened the sluice for the first time this season! We saw some cool wildlife, including peacocks! The class maintained good order while out in the field, as usual. New York by Xanti Georgia by Violet Massachusetts by Scarlett Arkansas by Jacoby Virginia by Skye Georgia by Odin Florida by Avyana New Mexico by Bella Arkansas by Elsie Illinois by Araceli New York by Theo Colorado by Esteban California by Naomi Arizona by Charley Massachusetts by Vivienne Texas by Isabella Colorado by Benito Texas by Ella Illinois by Brittney Florida by Arielle Kentucky by Ellie Arizona by Marehly

Play Performance, Projects, and a Cool Field Trip

Our class has been busy lately with performances, presentations, projects, and field trips. Take a look at all the cool stuff we have been doing.  Just in time for Spring, here is our latest art-integrated project: Math Flowers. The students came up with as many ways as they could to come up with the same number, using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Stop by and see the display outside our classroom.  Our class play, The Bird of the Golden Feather, was a huge success. The students had been practicing their performance for month. All the hard work really paid off when it came to showtime. Everyone who came to the show was awed by the costumes, the acting and the dancing! For STEAM class we had a special visit by a tree specialist. The students learned all about wood, bark and the bugs who love them by scratching away at real field samples.  The Third Grade has continued our collaboration with Kindergarten. We celebrated Easter by pairing up with our Kindergarten bud