Field trips to outer space and to the local museum, visits from veterans, and lots more!

 Lots of exciting stuff has been happening in the Third Grade as we head into our Thanksgiving break. The students have been busy on projects, playing new games in sport, and enjoying more cool field trips! Outer Space Art by Sonny, Brayden, and Zoe R.  Pages from upcoming poetry books by Aliyah, Claire, and Sebastian Our class recently took a field trip to the Harwood Museum. We were lucky enough to be guided through the Blue Lake exhibit by Sonny and his mom, who are from Taos Pueblo. We also got to go around and explore lots of the amazing art that is on display at the museum.  We are very fortunate that the fathers of three of our students are US veterans! On Veterans' Day, they came in to talk to the class about their experience in the military.  Our class went on a virtual field trip with Asis Gonzalez from the Santa Fe Children's Museum. He is very knowledgeable about space, and he took us on a tour through time and through galaxies using some amazing computer programs. 

Halloween parade, rained out field trip, and much more

 Everyone turned out in creative costumes on Thursday for the Halloween parade! Our hiking field trip turned out to be a washout. We got hit with a bad storm and had to turn around. In these photos, you can see us starting out, stopping to put rain jackets on, and then crowding into warm cars while we waited for the bus to come! In class, we have been learning songs about Fall in preparation for the Lantern Walk on November 4th. This is one of our favorites: The class has been learning about the sun, moon, and stars in recent Science lessons. Take a look at these stellar art project the students did on constellations. The class was talking about cause and effect in Literacy this week. See if you can figure out what the causes and effects are in these creative notebook entries! Third grader Zoe is an aspiring author. We had a special treat the other day when Zoe read to us from a book that she had written and illustrated!

A snowy October day and amazing animal posters!

 The 3rd grade at TISA has been working hard as always. We were all taken by surprise by the sudden snow storm on Tuesday! Here are some beautiful pictures of our school under an afternoon snow cover. We have been studying Geography lately, focusing on the US states. These pictures show our students making flashcards in order to quiz each other on the Western US states.  If you ever come to our classroom, you will see our awesome art wall, which features some of the artwork that the students have been creating with Ms. Cassandra. Here are some of the new pieces that our class put up this week. All of the artwork incorporates nature.  Inspired by our reading of the book Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner, the 3rd grade researched how animals help humans. Take a look at some of the incredible research and beautifully designed posters that the students created.  Bees, by Oliver Horses, by Olivia Mountain Lions, by Case Panthers, by Aliyah Huskies, by Sonny Cats, by Claire Narwhals, by J